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Pro-Tek Has Become The Company Known As The "Problem Solvers."


John Brown, President and founder of Pro-Tek Security opened this security agency while still serving as a police Chief. He saw the need for a professional and effective security company that would provide much more than a night watchman or a warm body or a minimum wage person to protect property.

Pro-Tek gives our clients more than just a security officer. You get a customer service staff that is constantly looking for better ways to improve the service that we provide our clients.

Some companies bill their clients for hours they never cover to make up for low rates of service. We believe this practice is not only unlawful, it's morally wrong.

Our supervisors start all new sites for two reasons: First this allows our supervisors to get to know our customers and their specific needs; Second, this gives them the ability to train new officers without interruption of service or disruption to our clients. We also train more than one officer for each site to ensure that our customers are guaranteed continuous and proper coverage.

Recognizing that the Security Officers assigned to your company are the first reflection of a secure environment your employees or visitors will encounter, we guarantee our security officers will symbolize the pride and professionalism which your name stands for and has made us a leader in the security services field for over Twenty eight years.

All of our security officers are N.Y.S. certified; our personnel are hand picked for each customer and their location to accommodate their specific needs. Our staff includes experienced, active and retired law enforcement officers, and former military personnel; all candidates are rigorously screened in the following manner

1. Complete reference and background check.
2. Verbal ok from N.Y.S. Department of Licensing Division
3. Fingerprinted and processed with D.C.J.S. Division of Licensing Services.
4. DMV driver’s license check.
5. Eight-hour pre assignment training course.
6. Sixteen hour in service training course

Full line of Services provided 
1. 24-Hour Emergency Service.
2. Radio-Dispatched Patrol Cars with G.P.S. tracking systems.
3. Unarmed Full Uniformed Officers.
4.  Supervisors at no additional cost to our clients.

We realize that “ The better we look the better you look”. Pro-Tek Security is extremely interested in opportunities to provide security services for any of your present or future needs. I am sure after reviewing our materials, working together, we can engulf your company with a professional security service you need and deserve. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 631-563-8888.

John T. Brown,


John T. Brown, President

I would like to introduce my company and myself and provide you with some information about the services we provide.

With today’s uncertain climate requires the prudent review of all security practices. We believe that present security needs and challenges can be met in a fiscally responsible manner without sacrificing quality of service. We have been providing a quality and dependable Security Guard Service since 1985.  We pride ourselves on client retention and unmatched customer service.

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